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MedicalForms System


This project has developed the MedicalForms system which, based on the proposed methodology, allows the management of projects, forms, terminologies and information structures related to clinical documentation. Users can easily define clinical documents in collaboration with the rest of the professionals in their team by being able to reuse previously defined forms, terminologies and information structures. In addition, the system includes functionalities aimed at optimising the time required to obtain consensus among clinical professionals by allowing both discussion and measuring the level of agreement on the forms among team members and includes mechanisms for the management of semantic relationships associated with the negation of concepts, categorisation of variables, automatic post-coordination and the management of multiple terminologies.

The MedicalForm system is available through the following link just requesting to complete a simplified registration form:

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The project has been validated by generating a library of information structures that allow the definition of forms based on corporate information systems. The library of structures has defined resources based on the Integrated Care Process for Stroke, questionnaires and scales validated by Diraya Primaria and nursing station constants. Subsequently, the MedicalForms system was piloted for the definition of forms associated with research records in the following scenarios: (i) Fracture Prevention, (ii) Anticoagulant Treatments, (iii) Stroke Prevention, (iv) Breast Cancer, (v), National Registry of Recurrent Laryngeal Papillomatosis in Paediatric Patients (vi) Stroke Unit, (vii) Headache Registry (viii) Cardiovascular Risk Registry, (ix) Ankle Fracture Registry, (x) Wrist Fracture Registry and (xi) Paediatric Stroke Registry. These pilots have resulted in the implementation of 10 research registries and 1 decision support system.

The system acceptance study was carried out with a sample of 15 professionals, measuring their perception in terms of ease of use, usefulness, attitude towards use and intention to use. The results obtained can be considered very satisfactory. It is particularly relevant that the results show a higher degree of satisfaction among the professionals who have participated in the piloting of the tool than those who have only been given a demonstration. As a result, it could be considered that professionals are more aware of the benefits of the system when they have the opportunity to use it. The ultimate proof of the good acceptance of the system is that professionals are recommending the use of the developed system by word of mouth and new professionals are contacting us to carry out new research registrations based on the experience gained by their colleagues.

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