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ITCBio platform


This is a system that aims to support the translational and clinical research processes with the following characteristics:

  • Highly scalable. The infrastructure will be able to grow according to the available resources.
  • Based on open-source software. The use of applications of this type avoids dependencies with proprietary solutions, counting on a wide community of users and developers who give support and make this type of applications evolve.
  • Oriented to the normalization, integration, advanced analysis and visualization of biomedical information. To support the complete process of clinical and translational research.
    Reuse of components and information resources, which makes it highly effective.

To this end, a suite of applications has been developed capable of integrating different open-source software initiatives to support clinical and translational research. Specifically, the current version of the platform includes the integration of the following tools:

  • Data warehouse management software: i2b2
  • OpenClinica and RedCap clinical trial and research study management software
  • Advanced biomedical information analysis software: tranSMART

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