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GeoHealth Project


This project has developed a system for clinical, epidemiological and translational research able to associate contextual variables and geolocation parameters with their clinical information. This project aims to develop new procedures and technologies for the representation of patients exposome in a systematic way in collaboration with the Exposome Informatics Working Group. The GeoHealth system will include data mining techniques and advanced analysis based on multivariate and multilevel analysis that allow the development of predictive models or identify risk factors to contribute to optimize decision making.
The GeoHealth system is being piloted through in a study about the influence of environmental factors on the incidence of asthma in the Sevilla-Norte and Aljarafe population. These techniques will establish stratification mechanisms for asthmatic patients by combining the environmental data (exposure to aeroallergens, environmental contamination, etc.) with the health information of patients, such as functional test and IgE test.
These defined models will be evaluated in 1 year length prospective study with asthmatic patients to identifying comparing recommendations established by the models and professional therapeutic decision to identify the sensitivity and specificity. Finally, it will be evaluated the acceptance and usability of the system with a representative sample of professionals.



A MORENO, J MORENO, V GONZÁLEZ, S SALAS, C SEGURA, V DE LUQUE, P CUADRI, P GUARDIA, L LUQUE, A VILCHES. GeoHealth: Geographic Information System for health management and clinical, epidemiological and translational research. 18th World Congress of Medical and Health Informatics. Medinfo 2021.


The study has been partially supported by the following projects GeoHealth (PI19/01092) and Breath (PI20/01755) funded by Carlos III Health Institute and European Union FEDER funds

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