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CroniCare Project


The project defined a system to facilitate the design and evaluation of interventions based on mobile technologies and information systems in order to improve the capacity for self-management, empowerment and control of chronic and multimorbidity patients. The system allows to create customizable apps according to the needs of primary care and specialized care. The project includes an evaluation of the impact of the care model based on patient treatment adherence, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the intervention through a study with 124 multimorbidity patients.

Cronicare system seeks to establish mechanisms for an agile and customized development of interventions based on the use of mobile technologies. Representatives from 4 different Primary care centers and 4 hospital departments Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Neumology and Allergology defined multiple profile of complex patients with multiple healthcare conditions. For each patient profile they defined control measurement, decision support rules, personalised thresholds and patient recommended pathways.

Inclusion Criteria
• Age >18 años.
• Heart failure + an additional diagnosis of COPD, Diabetes type 2 or asthma
• Mild severity level according to the Profund Index <= 10 points
• Availability and capability for using an smartphone by the patient or caregiver

Exclusion criteria
• Pregnant women, breastfeeding women or women who want to become pregnant
• Subjects with malignant disease, uncontrolled risk factors
• Significant limitation of their basic activities



Moreno Conde, A; et al. CroniCare: Platform for the design and implementation of follow-up, control and self- management interventions for chronic and multimorbidity patients based on mobile technologies. MedInfo 2021, Online

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